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Your music in the hands of streaming playlisters.


Every day, Spotify adds 20,000 new tracks to their 30 million song library.
We've come up with a way to cut through the noise.

Crosshair is a music distribution platform that sends your new music to popular streaming playlisters.

Our team has built relationships with playlisters who are looking for new music. When you sign up for Crosshair, we select a group from our 3000+ playlisters who we believe have a taste for your song.  We then send them your song via Crosshair's web application.

We bridge the gap between your music and the new tastemakers that are looking for it.


Case Study: Mitchell Rose - "Candy"

Our adds broke Mitchell onto Spotify's "Discover Weekly" recommendation playlists in the 4th week.  

Distributed "Candy" to our playlisters. 

Drove 24,000 unique monthly listeners in 8 weeks.

Mitchell was added to 756,200 playlists total.




The Crosshair Philosophy

Our mission is to provide all artists with affordable access to digital influencers.

Nearly all of Spotify's 60 million users subscribe to playlists to discover new music. The people running playlists are called playlisters. They serve as content curators and trendsetters; they sift through thousands of tracks to find the next big thing.

Why is Crosshair different from other companies?

1. Our playlisters are very interested in helping great songs succeed. They'll add what they like which means we don't have to "pitch" or "sell" them on your song. NOTE: WE ARE NOT A PROMOTION OR PITCHING SERVICE.

2. Crosshair is a fraction of the cost of traditional promotion companies. 

3. Crosshair's database has 3000+ playlists and can reach over 48 million followers.

4. Our playlisters are encouraged to provide feedback explaining why they added or did not add a song. This is very valuable for artists and their teams.

Notifying our playlisters during the release or market-testing of a song is a no brainer.



Estimated singles: 50+  
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Estimated singles: 1-50  

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