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The Crosshair music platform helps you reach your audience by getting music into the hands of the right influencers. Submit your song to see which playlists, channels, and social accounts are ready to promote you to the next level. Influencers who want to join the Crosshair network can submit below for consideration.



Crosshair connects musicians with social influencers around the globe. Through Crosshair, you can find true digital partnerships that grow your fan base.


For Artists.

In today’s world, it’s hard to get your music heard by the right people. Even the best music fails under the wrong circumstances. Crosshair is the affordable solution that gives real artists the tools they need for success.

Be heard and get affordable exposure. 

For Influencers.

With major platforms directing your attention to what they want you to see and hear, genuine artists are being tuned out. Crosshair pays you to find music from real artists perfect for your audience. Royalty free. No strings attached.

Our influencers include streaming playlisters, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and even music supervisors.

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What makes Crosshair different?

1. Our influencers want to help great songs get heard! We don’t pitch them your music. Influencers participate in our network to hear new music and become tastemakers for their respective followings.

2. Other digital promotions companies charge up to ten times what Crosshair charges, without the transparency of who hears your music.

3. On the Crosshair platform, artists communicate directly with influencers and can see who has heard their track. This provides both parties with the opportunity to arrange fair, successful promotion.

4. Influencers complete a review for every song they listen to. This is valuable feedback for artists and representatives, not to mention a great chance to hear the thoughts of potential listeners.


Case Studies


Mitchell Rose

We distributed Mitchell's song "Candy" to our playlisters. Our adds broke Mitchell onto Spotify's "Discover Weekly" recommendation playlists in the 4th week.

This drove 24,000 unique monthly listeners in 8 weeks. Mitchell was added to 756,200 playlists total.

Kady Z

We distributed Kady's song "Rest Stop" to our playlisters. Our adds broke Kady onto Spotify's "Discover Weekly" recommendation playlists. 100,000 playlists added Kady's single.

Unique monthly listeners before: 26,400. Unique monthly listeners after: 82,000.




For Artists.

The cost is $250 per single, with discounts when you submit more than one. Get two tracks for $420 and three for $630. Send your songs to the Crosshair influencers looking for your style of music and get valuable feedback. If they like your sound, your music will be shared with their audiences.


For Influencers.

Receive songs, review them, and earn a portion of what the artist pays each time. It's as simple as that. If you hear a song you love, you can access it royalty free: ready for use on your own original content.

*Note: Influencers are not required to promote music.


Be a part of Crosshair: where great music is ready to be discovered (by the people who want to hear it).


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