Playlist Curators: Adding Undiscovered Artists To Popular Playlists

Adding undiscovered artists to your Spotify playlist.

Discovering an undiscovered artists music (before anyone else) is a gratifying experience for any music lover. It’s so popular among listeners that Spotify has managed to grow their Fresh Finds playlist from under 100,000 followers to 399,000 followers. They’ve been using just this concept of adding what people haven’t heard yet. The playlist titled “Fresh Finds” has music crossing multiple genres. It features only the artists picking up steam in the streaming world. This can be a worthwhile strategy for growing your public playlists. The key here is trying to decipher which artists are on the rise and which are not. Therefore, you should be finding those artists who are actively growing their listener base. 

Which undiscovered music is right for your playlist?

Adding the music of an undiscovered artist to your playlist can be a risk. As a curator, all you have are the songs you pick to represent your playlist and your brand. How do you find songs that align with what your following will want to listen to? While you can’t predict what each individual user will like or dislike, using Crosshair you can discover new artists that bring value to your playlists.

Here’s how:

Crosshair Music, using your playlist’s data, analyzes your existing playlist. Based on which songs you’ve already chosen to add, we determine the demographic of users most likely follow your playlist. For artists we build the same audience profile based off of their existing music and audience. 

When there is an audience overlap, it means there is potential for an artist’s song to be received favorably by your followers. Crosshair will send you the songs that have this overlap directly to your Crosshair Influencer profile. Here you listen for the songs you like and the artists you believe in to add to your playlist. 

Curators like yourself will use Crosshair to discover the music that keeps their playlist fresh and current, while also getting paid along the way to review songs. Check it out.



CEO of Crosshair Music. Based in Nashville, TN.